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           How To Play The MMA Fight Game

The Extreme Fight Game was designed with a passion for the sport of MMA in mind. We at EFG, Inc. took the time to make sure our game was both fun and educational. Many months were spent with friends and fighters, trying to create the perfect game that would encompass the Stand-Up and Ground moves we see today in MMA. The game is fast-paced, realistic, and exciting to play.

Object of the Game

To defeat your opponent by performing different moves that will result in a Knock Out, Submission, or accumulate enough winning rounds to win by decision.

Equipment Included

ü  1 game board

ü  1 six-sided dice

ü  1 thirty-sided Fight Dice

ü  4 fighter playing pieces

ü  2 colored dry-erase pens

ü  2 Championship Fight Cards

The Game Characters

We created fictional fighters for our game. This will ensure that the fighter will always be a champion, never get older, and stay out of trouble. The characters are diverse, (Asian Guy, Brazilian Guy, White Guy White Girl) so there will hopefully be one to appeal to each player. Each character has their own personal biography and fight statistics in our full-color instructions.

The Game Board

There is both a Stand-Up playing area and a Ground playing area, each one having spaces with pictures of fighters performing the moves that the space states. The game board also includes Cheap Shot, Point Deduction, Roll Again, and Fight Dice spaces to make the game unpredictable and very exciting between rounds.

How the Game Plays

There is either 3 rounds or you can choose to play 5 rounds for the Championship fight. A single round is an average of 5-10 minutes each to play. Each player uses the Fight Dice to decide where the fighters will be on the Stand-Up or Ground areas. The Fight Dice also has the possibility to roll a Knock-Out or Submission to end the game immediately, like in a real fight. If neither fighter is knocked out or submitted, then the winner will be decided by who wins the most rounds just like the real MMA fights!!!!! :)

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